Thursday, October 14, 2010

Albums You Might Like: Loveless - My Bloody Valentine

Hit 'em up if you have a passing interest in:

-Atmospheric music (?)
-The Jesus and Mary Chain

Another hit from the nineties; you'll probably see a pattern forming among my recommendations. Whereas the eighties was an era of over-the-top madness and self-absorption (with GOOD music, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise), the nineties was characterised by both an interest in the guitars and technology of the eighties as well as emerging genres that were undeniably utter bullshit.

My Bloody Valentine thankfully do not fall into the latter category.

Somewhat notorious for their impressive noise levels that warrant complimentary earplugs being handed out at their concerts, My Bloody Valentine led what has been termed the "shoegaze" genre. Their creative abuse of instruments and machines result in a sound you really aren't going to hear anywhere else - especially not after one of their 130 dB Holocaust Sections. But you will definitely want to.

Here's my favourite track off the album.

tl;dr version: If there were another plane of existence, this band may have composed its soundtrack.


  1. Too Smashing Pumpkins for me bro, good post anyway.

  2. Always have been and always will be in love with nineties music. Thanks for reminding me to get more MBV

  3. lol'd at SMOKEDANKALLDAY's comment on it being too Smashing Pumpkins

  4. i had to come back to reread your review... i listened to this band last night, and I am now a fan

  5. Ehhh not exactly my taste in music, but hey if you like it then more power to you. Still though I rellay appreciate the song you posted. Seems pretty relaxing to me surprisingly. Cheers man! :D

  6. not my favorite stuff from the 90's but still not bad, not bad at all

  7. They are good. a station on pandora dedicated to them :)

  8. Never really like MBV but this is not to bad